Tamimi PEB’s in-house engineering design team provides complete design of the buildings including:

  • Architectural Design
  • Structural Design
  • Mechanical Design
  • Electrical designs

Conforming to the latest International standards, Saudi ARAMCO standards and Norms.

Hi-Tech Manufacturing Facility

  • It  takes  less  than 3 hours  to  manufacture  one  complete  villa
  • The  steel  structure is manufactured  with  state of  the  art precision CNC machines

External & Internal Claddings

  • External and internal walls are completed simultaneously without much disturbance to the site
  • Both layers give the building one hour fire rating and high sound insulation as well

Fire Rated Building

  • The walls were tested at Thomas Bell-Wright international a renowned name in testing materials

External Finishing Works

  • Final layers of plaster and paint are applied with ease and speed
  • External finishing works are meticulously crafted with highest standards of quality

Modular Unit Logistics

  • Larger span
  • Heavier units lifted and installed with cranes


  • Reusable buildings
  • Recyclable material (steel, gypsum, cement board)
  • High insulation-energy saving
  • Low energy consumption, led lights star rated AC units
  • Minimal site disturbance, modular construction
  • Minimum wastage- factory manufactured product
  • Completely non combustible material, fire rated buildings