QHSE is part of Tamimi’s corporate culture. At Tamimi PEB we give prime importance to our QSHE performance. In this context, the unexceptional protection of the worker’s health, safety and natural environment at work and continuous improvement of the working conditions are its main goals. Tamimi PEB engages to continue performing the following: 

  • Complying with the legal and other requirements (Client, Tamimi PEB, country…etc.) about the environment, health and safety
  • Taking precautions to minimize all the risks of Work Safety and environmental effects
  • Minimizing the waste materials by using the natural sources effectively
  • Within the engineering principles, implementing the technologies which improve our environment and Work Safety performance on our investments with the aim of sustainable development
  • Training the workers to provide the individual awareness of Work Safety responsibilities and environmental consciousness
  • Continuous improvement of the Work Safety and environment performance

Tamimi PEB strives to increment value by understanding customer needs and EXCEED customer expectations to ensure customer ADMIRATION. At Tamimi PEB, we ensure timely completion of all projects within planned budget constraints while adhering to Client’s, Tamimi PEB’s and all industry specific standards and specification relevant to the scope of work.

Tamimi PEB Management commits to comply with ISO 9001:2008 by establishment of a comprehensive Quality Management System that involves specific objectives, detailed process and monitoring by planned audits, management reviews and application of analytical techniques over data collected at periodic intervals from various sources and checkpoints. We strive for continual improvement through training of manpower, hiring of highly skilled human resource and application of latest technology, equipment and construction methodologies. Our Quality management System’s quality objectives are based on learning and feedback from our customer, stakeholders, operations and experience. The focus of Quality Management System is variation diminution and value augmentation of all products and services delivered to the Customer.